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  • Freetown-Fall River State Forest

    Freetown-Fall River State Forest

    Assonet/ Fall River, Massachusetts The Freetown State Forest has a tragic history that stretches back centuries to a time when this country’s earliest European settlers and established native settlers clashed over its boundaries. Tales of war, suicide, curses and sacrifice stain the grounds of this hallowed area. It exists in what is infamously known as…

  • Danvers State Hospital-Danvers, MA

    Danvers State Hospital-Danvers, MA

    Ethan Ireland, 2020, Legends&Lore The Bradlee Danvers apartment complex sits high on a hill overlooking the town of Danvers, Massachusetts. Like a scar that’s healed, it reminds us of a darker time. It even shares the same facade, carefully preserved by the demolition crew in 2006 when Danvers State Hospital was finally dismantled after it’s…